structural drawings

We offer the following CD set drawings

  • Cover Sheet
  • Framing Plan
  • Connection details
  • Exterior Elevation
  • Building Section
  • Wall SectionM
  • Interior Elevation
  • Enlarged Stair Plan and Section
  • Typ. Roof Detail
  • Stair Detail

Construction documents, also known as a drawing set or a sheet set are the documents shared with customers, architects, engineers, and other construction professionals to convey the design concept. Construction professionals require these documents, along with the construction schedules and material takeoffs, to complete the design. A set of construction document consists of several different sheets. Each sheet includes drawings and schedules for the building design.

The construction documents preparation stage is the last phase in the design process. A complete construction document set (CD set) includes the architectural, structural, MEP, and civil engineering drawings. CD set also includes all specifications for pricing as well obtaining the building permits. Modelling of all the above aspects may also be involved in the set.

We prepare  construction documents from the inputs given to us like scanned images, hand sketches, markup drawings, etc. The more inputs you provide, the more will be the detailing included.
Our standard set of CD include Cover Sheet, Floor Plans, Interior Details, Elevations, Exterior Details, Foundation Plans, Foundation Details, Upper Floor Framing Plans, Roof Framing Plans, Cross Sections, Structural Details and Electrical Plans.

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