Patent Drawing
Patent drawings

A patent application may contain drawings, also called Patent drawings, which is an illustration of the invention owned by a manufacturer. By law, Patent drawings may be required in a specific format depending on the jurisdiction. In some cases, a scanned a photograph of the product is converted into digital format. In some other cases, a three-dimensional representation of the invention is constructed from scratch by using and modifying geometric building blocks. This model then can be manipulated to produce different views and perspectives.

Our mechanical services include 2D drafting and detailing, GD and T, 3D modeling, Reverse engineering, Shop and fabrication drawings, patent drawings, Isometric drawings, as built drawings, mark-up detailing, parametric drawing, assembly drawings, mechanical shop drawing, mechanical cad conversion services, fabrication drawing, technical drawing, auto parts drawings etc.. Advenser has extensive expertise and experience in providing assembly, casting, machining, and sheetmetal drawings to manufacturers, engineers, fabricators and Consultants. We ensure that the drawings are delivered as per the industry standards and appropriate formats & layouts as required by the client. We have a skilled and specialized mechanical drafting team headed by a senior project manager and experienced draftsmen to provide innovative and highly professional drafting services to all kinds of industrial, commercial and residential industries. We work in close contact with the client’s engineering team to ensure the client receive professional drawings with 100% accuracy.

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